Bug Out Bag Basics : Make It Fit You


An essential to every preppers checklist is to prepare a Bug Out Bag. Basically the bug out bag is packed with emergency supplies which are used in case you are forced to abandon your home or bug in location quickly. It is recommended that your bug out bag contain enough supplies to last you 3 days which is considered to be the average amount of time it would take to be found by disaster recovery operations in most scenario’s and time you would likely be without resources such as food and water. The bug out bag is also known to preppers as a molle bag , 72 hour kit , or grab and go bag. Knowing where to start when it comes to their bug out bag is a question for many new and beginning preppers.



We will go over some of the basic essentials which are important to have in every bug out bag. But before we get to what should be included in your bug out bag we have to make a proper decision on the bag itself. It is important that the bag you choose to use for your bug out bag is a style and size you can carry comfortably and securely. Keep in mind that weight is always an issue when choosing the size of your bug out bag and you want to have enough room to included all supplies needed but not too much to make your bag too heavy for you to travel with. Once you have made a decision and have your bug out bag its time to add the supplies you will need. Remember when you get ready to put together to not just follow a basic checklist of supplies but to customize it to your specific needs and environment. Not all bug out bags should be the same.

We have put together a Bug Out Bag Checklist of essentials that should be included in your bag. Keep in mind that your packing 72 hours worth of survival essentials.


  • Food (Remember weight is an issue – also items easy to prepare or eat on move like MRE’s)
  • Medical Supplies (Personalize this to fit your own medical needs)
  • Water or Water Purification Supplies
  • Survival or Multi Tools (Like Swiss Army Knife)
  • First Starters or Light Source (Lighters/matches/light sticks/flashlights)
  • Extra Clothing/Weather Gear (Adjusted to your particular climate and surroundings)
  • Safety + Protection (fire arm , pepper spray, etc)
  • Communication/Signal Devices (small radio, signal mirror , flares)
  • Personal Hygiene (Toothbrush/paste , toilet paper)
  • Travel Devices (Gps , maps , compass)


Remember that your bug out bag should be customized to fit your needs from top to bottom and even the basics should be altered if needs be. Your bag should be an extension of your personal skills and style such as the food you pack make sure its items you have already tried and you know you would eat. Once you have all of your basic essentials packed if rooms still remains and your weight limit is not already reached add in items you feel will be useful like extra clothing items or batteries. There is no one way to put together a bug out bag and as long as it fits your needs and contains all the necessary essentials then you have been successful in your prepping.



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