Prepper Basics: Three must prep multiple use common household items


As preppers we know that we have a lot of important preps that need to be stockpiled which can take up large amounts of space. Space is a constant variable that has to be considered when prepping everywhere from your bug out bags to you bug in locations. Not all of us have vast amounts of space available or we need to keep out bug out bags as light weight as possible so we need to take advantage of items that can be used for multiple functions. There are some common house hold items that can be easily stored and packaged and we think every prepper should take advantage of. Add these items to your prepper checklist or bug out bag checklist as soon as possible and implement them into your upcoming prepping plans.


Here are three common household items that can be used in multiple ways that we can will be useful to preppers.



  • Trash Bags – Large trash bags offer a magnitude of uses and can folded away and stashed away in extremely small spaces and are very light weight. They should be added to your bug out bags , vehicle kits , and your bug in and bug out locations. These large trash bags can be used for water storage, turned into make-shift rain gear, and even used as a barrier against the weather. Simply a must add to all preppers as there uses are endless.
  • Aluminum Foil – This material can be used for so many things its a perfect prepper item and you can get it in a standard and heavy duty form and it last for years. It weighs next to nothing and can be folded away and stashed in smallest of locations and is extremely versatile. The heavy duty foil can be used as a heat reflector, molded into cups and pans for cooking, make-shift solar oven, some electrical repairs, and can even be used to sharpen blades. It is a must have item for preppers.
  • Petroleum Jelly – Also known as Vaseline this item also offers preppers a multitude of uses and can be easily stored and packaged. It last forever and can be slipped into an array of containers for easy storage and is a must add for your bug out bag and vehicle kits. It can be used to protect skin from cold weather , seal cuts, corrosion protection, rashes, chapped lips, and more. It can also be used by preppers as fire starter if combined with other items that take a spark like cotton balls since it burns for an extended period of time.

You may already be using all of some of these items in your prepping and can add even more uses for them and even more items. If so please feel free to leave a comment and share them with your fellow preppers. We feel like these are some prepper basics that some of our fellow preppers can benefit from.  Remember there is no one right way to prep and we can all be effective in our own ways making sure our preps fit our own needs.



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