Prepper Basics: Types of Bug out Locations


We will go over three main types of Bug Out sites; Temporary, Intermediate Use, and Relocation. The physical requirements and preparations are significantly different for each. Each type could arguably be worth its own article but we want to give you a basic breakdown here. Since most of us as preppers have bug out bags, plans, and more as part of our prepper checklist it important to gather as much information as possible on the subject. It is important to determine which type of bug out location fits best and is available to you and prepare accordingly. Once you have your bug out location squared away you can then begin to put together your bug out plan.





Temporary sites: as being occupied for no more than a few days; being either “rest-stops” or a “safe vantage point”. Caches would be located at these Temporary sites, either for en-route or as the “Vantage Point”. A Vantage Point site would be if there was a short term disaster/crisis, after which the plan would be to return home and begin recovery. One “Vantage Point” example might be on a ridge-line to avoid a flash flood.


Intermediate Use sites: would be similar to Vantage Points, but for waiting out a more prolonged crisis, possibly many months. I think that this is what most people think about, and typically consists of “camping” or a cabin. Another consideration which isn’t often voiced is being a prepared “house-guest”, possibly moving to a friend or relative’s farm. Rural preps should also include urban housing in several scenarios, so having a reciprocal “partner” would work well.


Relocation sites: is the big one. It could be additional preps to that cabin, a “summer home”, or a doomsday bunker. This is for indefinite duration scenarios which last for years and there is little hope of returning “home”.




Each type of site would have similar requirements of providing security, shelter, and provisions; just differing levels of them. Obviously there is some overlap, and “the cabin” or “guest” might fall into any category.Remember not every prepper will prep the same and its important to adjust to fit the needs of you and your family. If you have anything to add which you feel can help your fellow preppers please feel free to leave a comment.



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