Prepper Checklist: Essential Nonfood Items You May Need To Prep


As many new preppers will come to learn there are several areas of prepping needed to be successful. Almost all beginning preppers begin by putting a lot of time and effort into building there food and water stockpiles. These are two very important areas and should be given the proper time and attention needed to be completed properly. But lets be sure that we don’t dedicate all of our attention to these areas and forget about other items of importance. New preppers can sometimes early on get a slight case of tunnel vision and get a little to involved in a single area of prepping. There are a lot of non-food items that are very important and should be added to everyone’s prepper checklist.


We have put together a list of recommendations on some of the essential non-food items that every prepper may find themselves in need of in a disaster scenario. As always prepper lists such as these should always be adjusted and modified to fit your specific situation. Prepping is not an exact science and there is no one correct way to do things as each and every one of us can be successful preppers in our own way. So here are some nonfood items we recommend you add to your stockpiles that you may have overlooked.



  • Medications/First Aid Kit – General meds like pain relievers, cold or allergy medicines, and multi vitamins along with any specialized medications you may need for various ailments.
  • Toilet Paper – Of course substitues can be used in a pinch but this could be a nice luxury to have stashed away.
  • Flashlights/LED Lanterns – Too many times having flashlights or lanterns esp ones in working order get overlooked. We all think we have them around but so often don’t.
  • Batteries – Good idea to stash away as many of the size batteries you need to run some of your needed survival items.
  • Deodorant/Feminine Hygiene Products – Things that can be done with out but do you really want to ? having them can sure make things a lot more comfortable.
  • Fire Starters/Matches – Having as many ways to start a fire as possible is recommended.
  • Candles – Even though we remember to stockpile flashlights and such we often forget these reliable backups can be great in a pinch.
  • Baby/Kid Products – If applicable to those of with children but items such as diapers, wipes, and other generalized items for children. If diapers are going to be a needed part of your prepping then cloth diapers are recommended to save space and last much longer.


Along with items recommended here were sure you will have some great ideas to add to it so be sure to expand your prepper checklists when you see fit. Not all of our prepper list will be the same and we always have to adjust for space and other variables in our own situations. So when possible don’t hesitate to substitute items that may work better for you and your prepping game plan.


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