Prepper Information: Useful iPhone Apps for Preppers


For many prepping means going back to basics and being prepared to survive when society crumbles or a disaster scenario occurs and chaos ensues. While all this may be true in many ways it doesn’t mean that as preppers we can’t still put to use current technology to help in our prepping. One of the most fashionable and powerful devices in use now is the iPhone and other iOS devices. Most wouldn’t consider this a common “prepper tool” to be used for prepping but it can be a very helpful one. Not only for its intended use of emergency communication but for its quick access to a depth of useful information.

This information can be added to your iPhone via Apps. Advances in today’s technology has made it possible for these cell phones to also be storage units containing tons of useful information to us as preppers. These apps offer unprecedented access to not only emergency assistance but more importantly emergency information that may be needed in a doomsday or disaster scenario. Here are some prepper apps that we feel may be of use to preppers and can be used on iPhone , iPad , or other iOS platforms.



  • Free Emergency Survival Handbook – The free version of this iPhone App offers users information about a variety of potential emergency scenarios ranging from household chemical exposure to hurricanes, earthquakes, and other catastrophic events. App supplies tips and techniques for general preparedness in a vast array of emergency subjects.
  • Pocket First Aid and CPR – This app is approved by the American Heart Association and supplies users with life saving information and tips on how to proceed in the event of drowning , choking , or even a cardiac episode. Faced with a disaster or doomsday event you never know when this type of event will occur and this hands of information could be a life saver.
  • In Case of Emergency (ICE) – This app allows you to store all your important medical and contact information. You can store data on your daily medications , blood type , and more along with images of important documents like your drivers license and medical or insurance cards. You can add multiple types of contact information for family members, friends, or your local prepper community members. It’s offered in a light free version and a more multifunctional paid version.
  • The Preppers Bible – This app supplies users a variety of resources that are key to providing a level of readiness in a disaster or doomsday scenario. Features include a food storage calculator, links to prepper resource videos, prepper checklists, survival manuals, and news and emergency feeds among others.



I realize that not everyone is an iPhone or other iOS platform device owner but many other smart phone brands also offer apps such as these. Also it is important to remember that as versatile as these units are they are still reliant on functionality and batteries. So if you implement them into your prepper checklist and as part of your prepping plans be sure to invest in alternate power supplies like portable solar chargers and extra batteries. Keeping your unit functioning and powered assures you the chance to access this life saving information.



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