Preppers Checklist: Bug Out Location Basics


For most of us as preppers having to bug out of our home location is a real possibility and its a part of our preppers checklist. There are many scenarios and factors that could force us to leave our main prepped location and stockpiles and its important to have a secondary option. For many having to bug out is considered a last option but still a very possible one so its easy to recognize the need for proper bug out plan. So having a bug out location could very well be the difference in whether you survive or not in a disaster scenario. Putting together a reliable and effective bug out plan can be harder then it seems as many factors have to be considered.



When considering a bug out location one of the most important factors you need to consider is whether its far enough away from any potential disaster or destruction that your trying to escape from. Are there alternate routes from your home location to your bug out location and if not is the main route a reliable one. Remember in a disaster scenario roadways may become impassable so being realistic with your bug out location access is important. You will also likely be storing alternate stockpiles of food and water at this location so you have to make sure you choose a secure location. This location has to be secure enough to protect the preps waiting for you but also secure enough to protect you and your family once you are forced to relocate there.

As important as getting far enough away from any disaster is you must also consider how far is too far for your bug out location. Want to be sure that you can get there even with many factors at the time likely working against you. We cant assume that we will be able to get things like gas on the way to your location or your tank will be full when something happens. So you may be working on relocating using a moderate gas stockpile and your bug out location has to be with in reach using only that. We must also consider the possibility of the usual travel routes being impassable and being forced to bug out on foot. Would you be able to reach your bug out location on foot factoring in things like weight of bug out bags , local terrain , or other potential problems and how long would it take you to get there and routes available.

This is just a basic breakdown of factors we believe are important for any prepper to consider when putting together a bug out plan. Im sure many of us can add some other important things to consider and please feel free to comment and add anything you believe may be helpful to all of our fellow preppers.



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