Preppers Checklist: Some Essential Every Day Carry Items


Almost every prepper new or experienced either has or plans to put together a bug out bag , get home bag , vehicle kit, food stock pile etc. But what if something happened and you were a disaster or doomsday event occured while you were out of reach of these preps. This is where the mostly over looked area of prepping called “EDC” or every day carry items comes into play. Now some preppers may consider this to be a less important part of emergency preparedness then say a food stock pile or a bug out location and that may be true. But this simple aspect of prepping could prove to be a saving grace in many situations.

I think we can all agree that as preppers we are only as prepared as what we have with us at any given time. Having all the needed preps in a location does won’t do us a lot of good if we are unable to get to them when and if a disaster scenario occurs. Having some essential every day carry items can be the difference in you being prepared enough to get back to your home or bug out location and main preps or even survive with out them. We have put together a prepper list of some every day carry items we think are essential for every prepper.





Preppers Checklists Of Every Day Carry Items


  • First Aid/Meds – Simply adding a small amount of your needed prescription meds , a bandage or two, or regular or allergy pain meds to a tucked away location in your wallet or purse will do.
  • Knife/Multi-tool – A nice quality pocket knife or multi-tool is a must and can easily be stored in your pocket, purse, or belt pouch on an every day basis.
  • Light – Something as simple as a handy but quality push button key chain light or a small LED flashlight that attaches to ring on a key chain. Being able to see even if its just a small amount of light can be a big help.
  • Duct tape – This stuff just has so many uses that if it can be added it should be. Simply make a few wraps of some around a old ID or canceled credit card and slip it back into your wallet or purse. Even a little of this can go a long way.
  • Fire Starter – You can keep one of those little mini lighters in your pocket or purse or an even easier option is a Fresnel lens. It is slim and can easily be slipped into a wallet card slot or purse side pouch and is a great fire starter option as long as you have sun light. Also makes for a good magnifying glass if somehow needed.
  • Money/Cash – Until something changes cash is still king and a little stashed away in case of emergency is a must. Debit and credit cards may be of no use to you in a disaster scenario so having some actual cash could be a life saver.
  • Contacts – Keeping a list of all emergency contact numbers is important because you may not have use of the cell phones we have become so dependent on in many scenarios.



I’m sure as preppers we can all come up with an added item or two to add to this list. Remember there is no one set way to prep and we will all do things our own way to some extent or another. This is simply a guideline of some items we feel are important and we encourage all preppers who want to have some every day carry items to adjust it as they see fit. There is no such thing as being too prepared and the point of these EDC items is that what you have on you at the time of a disaster scenario is what counts.



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