Preppers Emergency Food Stockpile Tips


Putting together your emergency food stockpile is one of the most important steps for new or beginning preppers. Getting started can be a little overwhelming for many preppers because there are so many things to consider and options available for storage. With some basic guidelines you can be sure that your emergency food supplies will be exactly what you and your family need to survive. We have put together some basic food stockpile tips and recommendations for new preppers to consider when getting your emergency food stockpile started. It is important to make sure your stockpile is as efficient and complete as possible because it could be the difference between surviving and not.

First thing the beginning prepper can put to great use is a food storage calculator. This is a great tool for preppers and it will help you calculate how much food you need to have stored for you and your family to survive for a certain period of time. It offers a break down of food needed for a given number of people for an extended period of time for any given doomsday or survival scenario. Remember to include caloric intake into your calculations to help you to avoid any chance of malnutrition. You can also use this tool to make yourself a prepper checklist of inventory you already have and items you need to add to your emergency food stockpile.

Remember prepping is a process and you can’t do everything at once so when putting together your food stockpile begin by making yourself a budget you can comfortably afford to follow. Add on to your food items in small amounts on a consistent basis to keep things cost effective and you will be surprised how fast your stockpile will grow.



Here are a few more food prepping tips and recommendations you may want to follow when starting to put together your prepper food stockpile.



  • When possible try and purchase plenty of multifunctional food items. Adding items that can be used in multiple ways will not only help save money but it will also save space. Items such as rice , beans , and pasta can be used in many ways store very well and are relatively cost effective.

  • Protein is a must have ingredient in your daily diet for survival making it very important to have sufficient amounts of in your stockpile. Some items that are great protein sources will help you to maintain your energy levels are canned meats (tuna,ham,chicken), beans , and spam along with many more. Beans and rice combined make for whats called a “complete protein” which provides you with a meal filled with all amino acids needed for survival.

  • Basic staples are often overlooked by new preppers over thinking whats needed in their emergency food stockpiles. Remember to add some basics like sugar , salt , spices and flour which could be useful in some of your food preparations and add a bit of comfort to your meal time in a possibly uncomfortable situation.

  • Try and avoid adding too many items that are high in salt content. The more salt that you take in often causes you to want to consume more water along with it. Remember that you will most likely have a limited water supply and you want to be able to try and stretch it as long as possible. So adjust your food items to try and help.

  • High energy items. Items that are high in complex carbs and proteins can offer a quick energy boost which you may find you are in need of in a survival situation. Items such as peanut butter , granola bars , trail mix , and nuts are all great additions to your food stockpile and offer added plus of pretty long shelf lives.

  • Adding in some foods that make you feel comfortable. Comfort foods are often left out by new preppers as items that are not “needed” for survival. But make sure to add some of your favorite comfort foods like peanut butter, cookies, or candy to your emergency food stockpile where space allows just adjust to items with a decent shelf life. Having these types of items can make a survival situation seem a lot more bearable and offer everyone a little enjoyment.

  • Long Term backup food products. Having backups is always a big part of prepping and this is true for your food stockpile as well. Adding some items with last an extremely long time like MRE’s or other types of freeze dried foods or food bars can be a big plus. Some preppers believe that simply stocking up on MRE’s or freeze dried foods alone are a great idea but this is not the case. Consuming only these types of foods alone over time can make you vitamin deficient and is not recommended. These should be stocked as back up items to be used for a smaller time frame in worse case scanario’s.

We hope that this information will help you to make your new emergency food stockpile as functional and complete as possible. Also remember to consistently rotate items in your food stockpile that need it to keep everything as fresh and up to date as possible. It is recommeneded that every 6 months a prepper should do a complete inventory check of the emergency food stockpile to insure there are no expired or out of date items. Using the proper prepper tactics can make prepping a whole lot easier and truely an enjoyable past time.


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